Paidia Revisited

I recently mused how the ancient Greeks’ concept for education (paideia) was almost identical to their concept for play (paidia). They understood that learning comes through playing and that play is essential to creativity.

In the late 80s, I established and operated an in-house ad agency for one of my clients, Master Systems. They manufactured and sold personal computers through mail-order and six retail stores in the Midwest. I named the agency The Paidia Group.

Most of our advertising was serious and straightforward, but as often as possible, I wrote radio spots that were playful and humorous. Below, I’ve included links to two of my favorites. On the day we recorded these commercials, one of the voice actors didn’t show up, and since the studio time was booked, I was forced to do the voice of the nerdy guy in one commercial and the ungrateful son in the other.

By today’s standards, the descriptions and prices of the computers are almost as comical as the commercials.

Pool Party

Graduation Present