I [Heart] MG

I love Milton Glaser. Well, maybe love is too strong a word. Philosophically, his worldview is worlds apart from my own, but I greatly admire his work and his contribution to the profession of graphic design. As a founding member of Push Pin Studios in New York City in 1954, he was already a legend by the time I studied graphic communication in college during the early 70s. Of course, his most famous design — of which he never received a dime — is the “I Love NY” logo. It helped revitalize New York City’s image of itself in the mid-70s and has been bastardized over a million times since its creation (myself included: see above).

Recently, I stumbled across a documentary about Glaser on Netflix called To Inform and Delight. If you have any interest in design or communication, I highly recommend you watch it. You‘ll be amazed by the scope of his talent and the volume of his work, much of which you will recognize. I’ll close with a quote from Milton, lifted from the documentary. It sums up my own playful approach to design.

“The creation of a puzzle is one of the tools that you have to make people understand things. When they activate the mind to try to figure something out, the likelihood is that they will remember and respond to it more than if they are told something directly.” – Milton Glaser