In November 1992, the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee approached BOYDesign about creating the preliminary design for a proposed newsjournal to be called SBC LIFE. The following year, a prototype was produced and SBC LIFE was approved for publication. After a fitful start with a designer in Nashville, BOYDesign was approached once again in 1994. This time Rick Boyd was asked to art direct and design the monthly magazine from his studio in Oklahoma City. For 16 years, he was responsible for creating the type design, illustrations and layout for this flagship publication of the Southern Baptist Convention. In recent years, he also assisted with editing and converting the magazine into webpages.

After major downsizing and reorganization of the Executive Committee in 2011, production of SBC LIFE was moved in-house. Although BOYDesign no longer produces the publication, Rick was contracted to convert over three years of early issues into webpages. When this project is completed, all issues of SBC LIFE will be available online.