Mind at (Re)Play

“If you’re not buying recycled products, you’re not really recycling.” – Ed Begley, Jr.

Warning - Mind at Play

Back in March 2012, I posted a two-part Musing about the creative process called The Play Instinct. To illustrate the posts, I used a couple of graphics I’d created for a similar article printed two decades earlier in a self-promotional newsletter/portfolio called ByDesign. Artistically, I was recycling.

Last month, I received the following email via the contact form on this website:

“My name’s Trevor Strong. I’m just starting to completely redo my terrible website and I’d settled on a new tagline: Warning: Mind at Play. I do a variety of things: I’m in a music/comedy group called the Arrogant Worms — I write books, I give creativity classes and workshops at schools and companies, I research humo(u)r and creativity — and I thought that was a line that would tie everything together. The next step would then be to try to get some sort of logo, and it occurred to me, this being the era of the internet, that it probably already existed. So I Googled and up came your stuff. Anyway, I’m just checking to see if you’d be willing to let me use them (for a fee, of course) and, if you’re up for that, if you could add the word “warning” on it. (I like the brain on the skateboard best.) Thanks!”

After poking around on the Internet and Googling “Trevor Strong” and “The Arrogant Worms,” I discovered the guy is legit. He’s from Kingston, Ontario. He’s in a well-known musical comedy group. And he’s also very funny.

I emailed him back, made arrangements and, within days, sent him the requested logos (for a fee, of course). Since the newsletters have long ago been ingested by various landfills, and the digital art is buried near the bottom of this blog, it felt good to put the illustrations back to work.

Thanks, Trevor, for recycling.

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