I Am Second

“I was living the American dream. A big house. Rooms full of beautiful furnishings. The latest gadgets. Nice vacations which included a month in Hawaii every other year. God was good.

However, over time, I let the blessings of God turn into a curse. Materialism began to creep into my life, robbing me of joy and contentment. Although I professed Jesus was Lord of my life, I lived to satisfy my own desires. I was a liar and a hypocrite.

Then God got my attention by shaking my world financially. He reminded me that He alone is the source of all things good and my relationship with His Son is my most valuable possession.

Now, I’ve returned to my first love. Now, my love for Him has displaced my adoration of material things. My name is Rick Boyd. And I am second.”

On Friday, April 13, I had the privilege of visiting the offices of I Am Second in Plano, Texas, with a group of fellow Baptist communicators. We spent the day hearing the story of its genesis, watching its films and meeting many of the creative people behind the scenes.

Its website has received over ten million hits and is helping to change lives around the world. I challenge you to visit www.iamsecond.com and join the revolution.