Last Full Measure of Devotion

Planning for the future is always a wise course to take. The SBC International Mission Board realized that pastors are in a unique position to guide their church families to think about using wills or trusts to prepare for the future — an essential part of biblical stewardship. Estate planning accomplishes the primary objective of caring for family, but it also gives people the opportunity to think about the impact their life’s work can have on ministry after they are gone. Planned gifts bless and care for not only family members, but also ministries they love.

To encourage and assist pastors in accomplishing this important task, the IMB contacted BOYDesign to create promotional and educational materials using the theme The Last Full Measure of Devotion, borrowed from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The goal was to set the stage for an inspirational pastor’s luncheon at the 2013 Southern Baptist Convention in Houston, Texas. Collateral materials included direct mail and email postcards, banners, ads, tickets, booklet and response card.

Over 900 people attended the luncheon, with almost 300 participants requesting information about estate planning for their congregations — five times what the IMB had been anticipating.

The event was so successful, IMB decided to repeat it during the 2014 Convention. Since last year’s theme was so well received, it was carried over another year. BOYDesign was challenged to use the same design elements (colors, typography, etc.) but give the materials a fresh look while updating some of the information.