GY6 is code for “I’ve got your 6,” which among military and first responders means “I have your back.”
Life Line Chaplaincy reached out to BOYDesign to create a pitch deck to help them with fundraising efforts to launch the GY6 Initiative, a national campaign to push back the alarming rate of suicides among first responders. It will funnel vital wellness resources to first responders via regional wellness conferences, a world-class documentary and an app/website repository of interactive wellness materials.
The GY6 Initiative establishes a comprehensive online portal for the first responder community designed to help them do their jobs, care for their families and, most importantly, care for themselves. It will provide supportive resources such as suicide hotlines and local employee assistance programs with the goal of reducing suicides, strengthening families and improving mental health.
Below is a sampling of slides from the pitch deck and the announcement of GY6's first wellness conference.
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